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Marie-Chantal French Tuition

The enjoyable and relaxed way of learning French

Learning a language is a commitment.

It requires attending classes, doing some homework, practising and tuning in as often as possible. It is often compared to learning to play a musical instrument, it takes time but you can quickly use your new skills to enjoy yourself and to meet others at home or abroad. 

Learning French is useful.

You become a more active participant in your business trips, you enjoy your holidays more fully. You exercise your memory, acquire vocabulary and practise grammatical concepts.

Learning French is rewarding.

It enhances your personal goals, widens your cultural knowledge and helps in your travels.

Think of all the beautiful holidays lying ahead…


If you would like to join a group, start a group or need specific individual tuition, call Marie-Chantal on 07920 514957 or email Marie-Chantal

A range of classes to suit everyone.

Whether you want to refresh your French knowledge or start from scratch,
Marie-Chantal offers flexible French tuition to suit all levels in-person or online.

Marie-Chantal Lugg – French tuition – Dorchester, Dorset

La Classe

Beginners to Advanced levels.
Adults revise, learn and speak French in a studious but relaxed atmosphere in Dorchester.
The groups are small: 4 participants minimum to 8 participants maximum
Beginners, Post-Beginners – A1/A2
Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2 – B1/B2
Advanced Level – C1/C2
Fluent speakers
Books, CD, thematic approach, articles, short videos, literature, radio, television, films etc…

Marie-Chantal Lugg – French tuition – Dorchester, Dorset

Le Tête à Tête

One to One individual tuition.
Choose one to one tuition to suit your timetable, for a more tailored course, for a business project and the exclusive attention of your tutor for 30 minutes or a full hour.
You might prefer more flexibility, literature, grammar, targeted conversation to suit your interests.
Individual tuition suits more particularly Intermediate and Advanced Levels, and also students revising for their A ‘ Levels exam.

Marie-Chantal Lugg – French tuition – Dorchester, Dorset

Le Club

You can practise your conversational French around the table and enjoy a cup of coffee and a croissant. 
Le Club Pause Café / Le Club à Table enable Upper Intermediate and Advanced levels participants to converse and to discuss all types of topics in French.
Le Club for Post Beginners and Lower Intermediate levels gives participants an opportunity to use their knowledge of French in guided conversation.

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