I’ve been having one-to-one lessons with Marie-Chantal, most weeks, for the past three years. I had forty-year-old O Level schoolboy French and took the lessons mainly for intellectual stimulation, but also to keep up with a son studying French.

I very much enjoy the lessons. Marie-Chantal plans work that is both interesting to me, but also of contemporary French language and culture. I have progressed to reading and discussing books and poetry as well as ‘ la puissance et élégance du Hip-Hop’!

I can thoroughly recommend Marie-Chantal as a French tutor.

N H Dorchester


I have been taking monthly Tête à Tête lessons with Marie-Chantal for nearly three years now. No two lessons are ever the same… She has an amazing way of making them fun, relaxed and engaging, yet still very professional and a great learning environment. Highly recommended!

Peter B  Poundbury


What would we have done without Marie-Chantal? Selling a house in the UK is complicated enough. Selling a house in France infinitely more so. With great efficiency and speed, and a clear knowledge of French property law, Marie-Chantal guided us through the language legalise and le projet de compromis so well that we could relax in the certainty of knowing we were in safe hands.

Peter and Cynthia H  Surrey


We purchased our French home near La Rochelle in December 2012.We achieved our dream only with the help of Marie-Chantal. She professionally dealt with all negotiations between us and our notaire, the endless paper work, forms to sign, telephone calls, all documents. Without her dedicated help we would not have achieved our dream. Thank you so much once again Marie-Chantal.

Ron and Beverley D  Somerset


Marie-Chantal inspires confidence in and enthusiasm for the French language. Being her student has been one of the most fulfilling opportunities of my retirement.

Megan C  Dorchester


Marie-Chantal enabled me to obtain better knowledge of French grammar and to expand my vocabulary in a friendly group. Nowadays I enjoy taking part in French conversation at Le Club – Pause Café.

Pete J  Dorchester


My grandchildren have a French father and are bilingual, so I needed to learn French. In the light of past experience I thought that I would be unsuccessful and hate the lessons. That is until I joined Marie-Chantal’s French group. It was fun, very rewarding and I found myself looking forward to the lessons.

The lessons included conversation and grammar taught in a structured multi-sensory way (multi-sensory means you say it, hear it, write it and see it). Marie-Chantal’s planning ensures you build your knowledge gradually at your own pace whilst gaining confidence in conversation. The lessons are conducted with great skill and consideration for individual needs.

Speaking as someone who started a year ago.

Marian P  Poundbury


Having Marie-Chantal on board when selling my French house gave me a huge advantage, to which I am truly grateful. Her calm clear headed approach in dealing with agents in her own language, together with her knowledge of the legal requirements involved, were beyond my expertise. This undoubtedly proved invaluable in securing me a sale on my property in 2013. Many, many thanks, Marie-Chantal

Ellen R  Poundbury


Since my schooldays I have tried to improve my French. Various evening classes and even a total immersion course in France failed to give me the confidence to try. Then I heard from a friend about Marie-Chantal. For two years now I have looked forward to each class. Learning both to speak and write French in a small group allows us all to work at the right pace and there is no criticism if we get it wrong – just shared laughter, never-ending patience and help!

Now retired, I have my own place in France and speak (mostly) with confidence in every day situations. I want to learn so much more and be able to converse really well – at the speed of the French! I know that Marie-Chantal will help me achieve my goal and I highly recommend her to anyone who, like me, thought they would never be understood by the French!

Hilary W  Broadmayne


I really look forward to the Pause Cafe every month. Marie-Chantal always introduces interesting topics for discussion and we cover a wide range of subjects while enjoying coffee and croissants. It’s a really relaxing way to improve one’s French – it’s like going to France for the morning!

Alyson W Broadmayne